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                                                                           Our Story

In the context of the current COVID19 pandemic, Forever Gardens was formed. Food security and self-resilience has become even more crucial to our own sustainability and wellbeing. At Forever Gardens we specialise in creating and maintaining both annual and perennial food crops for YOU, right in the comfort and convenience of YOUR own garden. 

Health and wellness  

Our practices are strictly ORGANIC and ECOLOGICAL. Our potting mixes, composts, soil amendments, plants, seeds, seedlings and pest/weed management techniques are all used to HELP grow the ecology in the system, not destroy it. All these factors lead to healthy soil, healthy plants and in the end, healthy people. 

Ecological Practices

Unlike conventional growing techniques which destroys topsoil and the billions of microbiology living within it, at Forever Gardens we work to mimic the ecological patterns of nature to REGENERATE soil, and create long term abundance. Our principles are the following:

No Till 

This is a technique which keeps the layers of the soil undisturbed and takes inspiration from the functions of a forest system. In a forest, trees drop their leaves onto the forest floor, creating a ground cover that protects the soil from erosion AND builds organic matter in the soil through its decomposition. In our smaller scale growing systems, we too can BUILD organic matter in the soil by adding layer upon layer of natural material, both carbon and nitrogen based. Every year, the soil becomes richer and more diverse in microbiology and nutrients, making it less susceptible to disease and more abundant in yields.

Integrated Pest Management

At Forever Gardens, establishing holistic ecosystems that are both aesthetically pleasing and productive is one of our key goals. We know how disappointing it is to walk outside one morning, only to find your broccolis being eaten up by hungry caterpillars. 

Our approach to pests and diseases is simple: The problem is the solution. The caterpillar is telling us that there is an INBALANCE in the system. So, instead of using chemical warfare on this poor caterpillar that indiscriminately kills all the life in the soil, our approach in creating healthy and diverse SOIL SYSTEMS work to PREVENT these issues from arising. Our aim is to grow the IMMUNITY of the soil, creating biodiverse ecosystems within it. 


Taken from the words 'Permanent' and 'Agriculture', permaculture is a grass-roots movement which began in the 1970s in Tasmania, Australia. Permaculture aims to design long-term, productive systems in any context, that provide yields of food, fuel and fibre in a non-invasive, regenerative way. Many of our practices at Forever Gardens are based on the principles and ethics of permaculture.