Meet Our Team

Bringing Abundance to Your Garden


Jessica Wolfe

Urban Farmer and Business Manager

Jessica started her first garden at the age of 20, while attending university in her home state of Michigan. She fell head over heels for the labor of love that is gardening. Throughout her early twenties she learned more and more about the destructive behaviors of conventional agriculture and the impact these had on our environment and food systems. With a desire to learn how to bring healthy, eco-friendly food grown by local farmers to her community, she spent her mid twenties working, studying and educating at different small scale organic farms and farm programs. Now in 2020, she is ready and excited to bring the healthiest, most eco-friendly fruits and vegetables to you, from your own backyard.

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Dovi Benn

Urban Farmer and Business Manager

Dovi has spent the last 5 years travelling the world, growing food and teaching permaculture design. Taking inspiration from market gardeners employing no-till and regenerative approaches to farming, Dovi focuses on long-term self-resilience through creating urban food hubs within the local community. An educator, lover of nature, professional in the field of soil building, water, weeds and pest management and all things food.

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